Get Through The Harsh Winter Comfortably & Affordably
Get Through The Harsh Winter Comfortably & Affordably

Make your room warm and reduce your heating costs - Keilini Heater Pro

Enjoy A Warm Home This Winter – Buy Now and Save!

  • NASA-Inspired Ceramic PTC Heating Technology
  • Quickly Heats up Your Room in 3 Seconds
  • Enormous Savings on Heating Bills
  • Ultra-Quiet to Use 36-45dB (Quieter than in a library)
  • 100% Safe for Children and Pets

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The upcoming winter is predicted to be extremely cold, but there is a way to create a warm, cozy home without emptying your wallet on heating costs! Thanks to its ceramic PTC heating technology, Keilini is a powerful, efficient and portable heater that costs just a fraction of the cost of central heating! Highest quality for the highest demands!

Sustain the Perfect Temperature

Energy-Saving Ceramic Heating Technology

Overpriced central heating systems that drive up your electricity bills are a thing of the past - with Keilini you can heat any room and save a lot!

Quick 3-Sec & Lasting Warmth

Keilini only takes 3 seconds to produce heat and can run at full blast for as long as you want! Automatic shutdown within 1 to 12 hours offers you peace of mind.

Whole-Room Thermostat

The wind blows at a wide 90° range, which means it easily reaches every corner of a large room.

Ultra Compact Design

Other heaters are heavy and clunky, but not Keilini.

Keilini Heater Pro is very powerful, but that doesn't mean it's big and chunky. It has a compact and modern design for any desk, countertop or table.

The outer casing does not get warm, So you can easily take it with you wherever you go - living room, washroom, RV, garage, and more - without worrying about burning your fingers.


  • Powerful thermostat that cuts down expensive electricity bills by up to 30%

  • Switches off automatically if accidentally tripped - safe to use in your home

  • Small but mighty! It quickly and efficiently heats up your entire room in record time

What Our Customers Say About Keilini Heater Pro

Excellent product. Highly recommend.

“I am very pleased with this product. This little heater is very effective and seems well made. It kicks out a good amount of heat and is quite quiet. It is lightweight and easy to move, compared with the larger metal heater we used before it.”

Howard. Shinder – Houston, TX

Average Rating

Carl. K - Denver, CO

"Only my husband and I live in our home. So far we have always paid a fortune in our heating bills. But actually most of the time we are only in our bedroom or in the living room. This device is therefore the perfect solution because we can set it up anywhere and no longer have to wait for the whole apartment to warm up.”

Graham. B - Houston, TX

"I would highly recommend this product if you want to heat up rooms quickly and easily. As soon as you turn it on, it immediately starts blowing out hot air. Personally, I'm a real fan of it, because the thing works really well in the otherwise totally cold rooms. I also like the safety feature, which is very important with children and pets who can easily burn themselves.”

Jason. P - Reno, NV

"I bought this device primarily for myself. The reason for this was my abnormally expensive heating bill. Not only is it very high quality, I am also very enthusiastic about the quality. The value for money is great.”



The Keilini Heater Pro will make you cozy and warm from day to night with lower heating bills! Place an order now, get the most powerful heating device & SAVE BIG this winter!

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There is limited availability and this 50% OFF REGULAR PRICE OFFER may be taken down at any moment!
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